I have been blind since birth and have had to overcome many challenges.  Technology has been an invaluable tool to help me exceed many of these obstacles, but I have still lost my way at times.  It took me many years to reach my current proficiency with JAWS and other assistive technology software and hardware.  The horizon is always changing, and these changes are not always for the better; an update may make a previously accessible application unusable, or a simple form might not respond to keyboard navigation.  I have worked in education, retail, and game development; and have seen first-hand how accessibility, or a lack of it can impact my life and the lives of others.  This lit a fire within me to be a part of making games, applications, websites, etc. accessible for everyone.  That drive has led me to create StarTech Consulting, where I can provide training and support—to be a guide through the shifting sea that is technology.

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