J-Say Upgrade




<h2>J-Say the power of speech!</h2>
J-Say is a speech interface between JAWS (the world’s most popular screen reader), and Dragon from Nuance Communications. Dragon combined with JAWS and J-Say gives you full access to the computer using only your voice.

Some of the features  in J-say include
<li> Abaility to set up and train voice profiles</li>
<li>Full access to dragon’s editing features including the correction box, and dictation box.</li>
<li>Full compability with microsoft office applications</li>
<li>Ability   to use JAWS keyboard commands such as Listing links, headings etc.</li>
<li>Access to other applications such as skype, facebook, and much more!</li>
<li>Feedback when dictating text, and much more.</li>


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