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Startech Consulting  is prowd to be a distributer for the Leasey product from Hartgen Consulting!

What is Leasey?

Leasey is a set of utilities designed by Hartgen Consulting. Leasey makes using many application easier. Here are just a few examples of what Leasey can do!

Easier navigation of many audio applications, including winamp, VLC media player, and I-tunes
Easier navigation of Netflix and other services with its powerful searching feature
Powerful productivity features in word, outlook, and other applications
And much, much more!

There are two different versions of Leasey each of which can be purchased from us.

Leasey Advanced

Leasey Advanced is the second version of Leasey. All Leasey functions are found in this package. The Major differences are that Leasey Advanced is not self voicing, and it does not come with the daisy book, as it is assumed that the user has sufficient knowledge of JAWS and navigating their computer.

When purchasing either of these products,  from us, Please include in your Paypal payment your JAWS serial number.

Training for these products can be purchased separately.

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